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A Global Game-Making Challenge

800 entries. 70 countries. 16 winners.

Meet the winners of the world's first international youth game-making challenge.

Introducing the Code Games Challenge Winners

Meet the winners and learn more.

"Many programmers got into coding by playing, modding and making games. This competition taps into that natural passion to help inspire and cultivate the next generation of programmers designers and creators."

Matt Dalio

Founder, Endless Network

Young game makers ages 10-18 had the opportunity to win one of multiple cash prizes by taking on the challenge of creating an original video game about any topic. Or make a game about one of the following topics to win a Grand Prize.


A future in which we ignite humanity’s innate curiosity to explore new boundaries, to identify new resources on Earth and beyond it and to learn and benefit from them, to explore new definitions of being human.



A future in which we responsibly and sustainably steward our natural environment and maintain the health of our planet to ensure everyone has access to clean, safe energy and other critical and basic resources to live a hopeful life.



A future in which we build equitable and just societies for all where everyone can live a safe, secure, and healthy life, reach their maximum potential, and have access to economic opportunities.

2020 Code Games Challenge Creating a better world starts with imagining one. Young innovators ages 10-18 across the globe are invited to create original video games. Presented by Endless and developed by XPRIZE Connect and E-Line Media /images/CodeGamesOGDefaultImage_3.jpg